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ALERT: Early Voters in Texas for Trump/Pence Seeing Change to Clinton/Kaine

First we learned about voting machines in a number of states that were tied to a company linked directly to big-time Hillary donor George Soros.

Now, in Texas, early voters are literally seeing their votes change from Trump/Pence to Clinton/Kaine.

And Dems say voter fraud isn’t widespread, right?

This is why paper ballots are key.

From KISS FM 969:

Early voting for the 2016 election started today (Monday, October 24th). The people of Potter and Randall County are taking this opportunity to skip the long lines that always file out of the voting locations on Election Day.

It’s common to see pictures of the “I Voted!” stickers on social media. It’s not as common to see the stories I’ve been seeing today.

Two voters from Canyon posted the experience they had while voting. Apparently, when these voters chose the straight Republican option, the ballot selected Clinton/Kaine instead of Trump/Pence.




This update came shortly after…

UPDATE 9 a.m: Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner released a statement this morning. It said, “There is nothing wrong with any of the machines we use for voting. They do not flip your vote. They do not flip parties. Humans do that.” It goes on to talk about the situation in Canyon: “There was one incident in Randall County where a voter voted straight ticket and when they hit the vote button, it flipped parties…The machine was then checked and nothing was wrong with the machine.”

How ridiculous.

Dems win elections by pandering and cheating.

Morals and integrity are not vital to being a Democrat, so people side with them because it’s the easier choice. Personal responsibility isn’t necessary when you’re a lefty.

I wonder if in deep blue states like California votes will be changed from Clinton to Trump?



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