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BREAKING: Mitt Romney SHOCKED The Nation today! Look What Trump Did To Him…


Mitt Romney is an embarrassment. He has opposed Trump since the very beginning. He has made himself as toxic of an asset to the American people as Hillary Clinton is.

WATCH THIS 2-Minute Video.

The infamous 47 point video which sunk Mitt Romney was just unveiled to be a the work of Democratic operatives. This came out yesterday. Watch this video. It’s proof.

Romney should disavow! He needs to come out fully for Trump. The DNC and Barack Obama campaign colluded the same way they did for Hillary Clinton and they sunk Mitt Romney.

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Romney should be ashamed…

Then share this with everyone you know. Let’s get this thing to 10 million shares. Let’s get it so big that someone shares it with Romney and he’ll open it up and be ashamed for backing the Democratic party this year.


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