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IT’S HAPPENING! What Bret Baier Said Last Night On Fox News Will Put Hillary In Prison!


Bret Baier has reported that he has found out from several FBI investigators that the Clinton Foundation is currently being investigated and that there is enough evidence there to indict Hillary Clinton.

You need to watch this! Hillary is freaking out about what was just released!

There is an avalanche of evidence that will take down Hillary Clinton. This means that even if she were elected President, she would most likely be indicted.

There are 5 important pieces of information that you need to know.

  1. The Clinton Foundation investigation has been going on for a year. It is bigger than most people think.
  2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed.
  3. Agents have emails that originated on Hillary’s secret server that are classified in nature. They found them on Weiner’s laptop.
  4. The FBI says that indictment is ‘likely’ barring any obstruction from the Justice Department.
  5. Hillary’s server was hacked by 5 different foreign intelligence agencies.


Bret Baier


I said sources described an “avalanche of evidence” in case & barring obstruction they’d likely continue 2 push to try to get an indictment” 



The computers were never completely destroyed and HRC is all to blame.


Bret Baier


And 3 sources say Mills/Samuelson computers were never destroyed & R being looked at & 99% chance HRC’s server was hacked by foreign intell 



We need to get this out. If Hillary is elected, there is a huge chance that Hillary will go to jail anyways. She will be impeached shortly after her election.

*** That’s why we need to put Donald Trump in the oval office!!



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