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BREAKING: Obama Just FIRED FBI Director Comey for This SICK Reason…


Barack Obama may have come forward a bunch of times and said he believes in FBI director James Comey, but you can just go ahead and add that to the Big Book of LIES called Obama’s life.

According to inside sources, Obama has now officially made the decision to FIRE FBI Director James Comey immediately following the election.

The White House source, who was very close to the decision, said the President had been meeting with his top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, for almost 2 weeks know and was FURIOUS that Comey decided to reopen the Clinton email investigation.

Of course, Obama was too afraid of public backlash against him and potentially being charged with obstruction of justice, so he backed off and ordered his guard dog Loretta Lynch to sabotage the investigation.

Jarrett, however, convinced Obama that it is well within his powers to fire Comey to get back at the FBI and Congress would support him since Comey has upset so many Democrats and Republicans this election.

Despite the fact that Obama has already begun drawing up the papers to fire him, there is actually a chance James Comey will be gone before he can even finish.

The same source also revealed that the FBI itself was looking into firing Comey because he has done “irreparable” damage to the organization.

So basically, James Comey will no longer be the director of the FBI in 2 weeks from now. As much as I hate why Obama is firing him, I do think Comey is a TERRIBLE leader for the FBI and Hillary Clinton should have been in jail months ago.

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