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SEAN HANNITY IS P*SSED! What He Just Said About James Comey May Get Him Fired…


Sean Hannity just reacted to the James Comey press release today that cleared Hillary of all wrongdoing. We all saw it…. AND IT WAS TOTAL HORSESH*T.

*** Whew!!

What a sack of lies… She was denied doing any wrongdoing for storing top secret info on an unsecured server that was kept in a bathroom closet, then she lied to the FBI, then she deleted subpoenaed emails with Bleachbit, then she even had her maid print some of the classified information for her.

What is happening to this country!?! Our rule of law means nothing when a criminal like Hillary Clinton is allowed to walk.

Here’s what Hannity had to say.


Sean Hannity


If law enforcement or congress ever ask for e mails regarding an investigation, the FBI now says it’s OK to delete them with “Bleach Bit”




Sean Hannity


Also the FBI says it’s ok to put Classified “top secret” “special access program” information on an unsecured server in a bathroom closet!!




Sean Hannity


So true. 



*** Share this everywhere!! Whew! It’s time to clean out the corruption in our government.

Watch Sean Hannity rip into crooked Hillary below.

We need to get this out there and go vote! It’s time to bring this country back.


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