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Hillary Should Be SCARED TO DEATH About What Guiliani Told Sean Hannity Last Night…

Rudy Guiliani wants to go after Hillary Clinton and take her down. He wants to bring honesty back to the justice department and make America great again. He really means it.

*** He means that Hillary should be subject to EQUAL justice under the law.

There are rumors that New York City’s Mayor Giuliani is the leading candidate for Attorney general.

What do you think, patriots? Should he go after Hillary Clinton and put her in jail, y’all? Or, should they let Hillary sail off into the sunset to live off in the Maldives or whatever…?


Lock her up. Lock her up. Did you see that the stock traders on the NY Stock Exchange chanted “Lock Her Up.”

Let’s see. I have a test. Go out on Facebook and comment the following! Let’s let he world hear your opinion.

Comment ‘LOCK HER UP’ if you think that Hillary should be put in jail?

Comment ‘LET HER GO’ if you think that Hillary should be let go!

Thanks for reading, y’all.


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