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BREAKING: After Attacking Trump, George Soros Got The Worst News Of His Life Today!


George Soros is the evil emperor in Star Wars. This dude is so evil that flies won’t touch him. This dude is so evil that cockroaches run away from him. This dude is so evil that Saddam Hussein’s ghost is afraid of him.


Geoge Soros has declared war on the Chinese currency – so China hates him. He predicted that Trump would lose. You can watch that below.

Well, you know what! He was wrong about that too. Now, he is LITERALLY stoking the flames of anarchy in our major cities.

*** Take a look at what happened today!

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


Fox News


Dow finishes at a record high.



The Dow Jones just closed with their best week of all time. Our economy is at an all-time high. His prophecy is coming true. Soros DON’T even know what to do. All the stuff they said about Trump is not true.

This is massive. The engines are starting to roll again.

“I think you’re seeing a transition from a government that had its thumb on growth to a free economy,” said Bruce Bittles – chief investment strategist at Baird. “We’re now looking at an economy that can reach its full potential.”

God bless Trump for bringing the economy back. Let’s make America rich again.

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