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BREAKING: Washington Post Just Caught Red Handed in MASSIVE Fake News Scandal!!


This is really one of those funny, beautiful moments in history when a big, old, and unreliable news source like the Washington Post gets caught red handed in their own web of lies.

You see, just last week the Washington Post published an article in which they claimed to have an actual list of news companies that work for Vladimir Putin. Well, surprise, surprise, that all turned out to be a big old load of CRAP!

Today the Post was forced to add new “notes” to that article which essentially read that their list was crap and the source they claimed was reliable is actually just a bunch of Liberal morons.

Screenshot of editor’s note admitting that Washington Post published an unverified Fake News list.

Their “source” was an anonymous website called PropOrNot which said they had a obtained a list of people directly employed by Russia or “idiots” that repeat Russian Propaganda.

The beautiful irony is that the only website dumb enough to actually believe their list was the Washington Post. Do you know why? Because they are nothing but scam artists.

Let me break this down plain and simple for you folks. WaPo and other old news sources lost all of their Trust when they lied about the election this year. Of course, the problem goes even further back to when they LIED about Nukes being in Iraq.

Now, these big papers are losing money and scared of becoming irrelevant. They are trying to freak out the public with all sorts of lies about their competitors just to save their own asses. SHAME ON THEM! (H/T – Daily Mail)

Trump is luckily fighting back, but it’s important that regular folks like you and I do our best to get this information shared everywhere so we can end the reign of the LYING mainstream media once-and-for-all!!

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