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Recount Just BACKFIRED! Check Out Michigan’s New Voting Law That Is Driving Liberals CRAZY…

Hahahaha! Man, the Democrats and Jill Stein really f-ed themselves up BAD this time. They TRIED to steal the election with a bogus recount, but now Michigan is so mad they just passed a law that will make Democrats never win again!!

That’s right, there is currently a well-favored law moving quickly through Michigan right now that will require voters to use photo-ID’s from this point forward. (H/T – Detroit News)


Thank God more people are finally coming to their senses and protecting the votes of American citizens. For too long Democrats have relied on illegal and fake votes to win positions while attacking voter ID laws a “racist.”

No, Democrats, YOU ARE THE RACISTS!! Look, I know plenty of black and Hispanic folks who carry their ID’s on them already. It’s not like they are STUPID or whatever else libs tell themselves to justify their actions.

Now of course you know there will be some big fights over this new law. After all, once it is in place Democrats will never be able to win the “Blue Belt” again! Maybe now they will at least stop taking in “refugees” to pad their votes!!

Let’s show Michigan that the American people support their new law by sharing this everywhere and demanding our states do the same thing!!

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