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BREAKING: The FBI Just Said the CIA was Wrong About Russia! Look What Really Happened…

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? 2 Days ago the Washington Post reports that the CIA has a “secret” report saying Russia wanted Trump to win. Now the FBI is coming out and saying “Well, that’s not entirely true…”

The Democrats were hoping for a big win when they invited a top FBI official to congress to agree with the CIA’s claims about Russia. However, they were in total shock after the FBI declared the CIA’s evidence is “fuzzy” and “ambiguous” at best.

So what did the Democrats do when their first plan failed? Well, of course, they rounded up a “bipartisan” committee of classic #NeverTrumpers including John McCain and Lindsey Graham to “investigate” it.

This is complete and total nonsense, folks. Do I think Russia tried to interfere with the elections? Maybe. I mean, I have no proof, but Hillary Clinton was threatening nuclear war with them. (H/T – Daily Caller)

Either way all they are trying to do now is figure out another excuse to delegitimize Trump’s win. First it was fake news, then the broken electoral college, then the popular vote, then it was Russian hacked machines and now it’s back to the emails. GIVE IT UP!

Here, you want the real answer? The reason Trump won is because America HATES Hillary Clinton. I mean Trump got good support, but Hillary couldn’t get anyone out to the polls to vote for her. It’s her own damn fault.

Sheesh! Some people, I swear. Now please just shut up and help us Make America Great Again!

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