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Malaysia president Set $10,000,000 Bounty On SOROS Head

Black racist Barack “Dr. DeathOfAmerica” Obama has the good ol’ Land Of Liberty U.S.A. on the table, slicing open our veins, and gleefully watching as we bleed to death. We call his operations CRIME INC.!

Our life blood is our wealth and the marxist Kenyan Obama, along with progressive-communists who now run the Democrat Party, are putting OUR COUNTRY into multiple TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT and throwing away all that money (dare we say SPREADING THE WEALTH?) to the undeserved, even non-Americans worldwide (hmm, sounds alot like a scam). Then, when the bill comes due, IT IS US WHO WILL BE FORCED TO PAY THAT BILL!! Pretty slick, eh? Well, it should be — they’ve been planning it for the last 100 years. Don’t you know? That’s because the progressive-communists now also run the new media. Sucks to us.

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