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ISIS Just Outsmarted Every Single Democrat!

Weeks after Democrats made fun of Donald Trump, he was proven right about everything.

According to The Washington Examiner, German security officials are now saying that an attack by ISIS is imminent. They are saying that sleeper cells have entered the country with the Syrian refugees.

*** Look at the warning that the German’s have just been given.


Head of Bavarian intelligence are saying that Germans must stay vigilant: “We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany.”

We have substantial reports that among the refugees are hit squads,” he explained.

German officials are now warning that ISIS will attack soon. This

“We have irrefutable evidence that there is an ISIS command structure that makes an attack in Germany very likely,” Hauser said.

Trump is absolutely right!

Hillary Clinton and Obama are putting this country in danger. Share this with every single patriot left in America. If we don’t get Donald Trump elected, this country is going to fall apart.

God bless this country! Can I get a “GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP” in the comments. Go back out on Facebook and comment God Bless! Let’s show America that we will not stand for this.

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