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Sean Hannity SHOCKED After Hearing What Julian Assange Has To Say About Obama…

He’s alive! He’s alive! Julian Assange is alive and Sean Hannity just got an interview with him. The Democrats are intent on creating the new red scare. It’s like the 1980’s in America.

*** Sean Hannity just got an interview with Julian Assange!

Look right here patriots and patrio-ettes. Watch this video via Fox News:

We are perhaps wrapped up in the greatest conspiracy the world has ever seen. What Julian Assange is about to drop is going to rip up the DNC.

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The DNC leak came from an inside source. The Russian crap the Democrats and the mainstream media has been pushing is just that: crap.

This means that Obama has been pushing out a ton of crap about Russia and so has the Washington Post and the New York Times – and it almost all false.

That means when Obama did this:

That it was fake.

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We need to stop Obozo from starting a nuclear war over nothing.

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