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OH MY GOD! Dirty Democrat Asks Sessions if He’s Been Honored by the Klan, His Response is PRICELESS!

Political theater was on full display as Democrats drilled Senator Jeff Sessions for hours at his confirmation hearing today. Instead of acting like responsible public servants and asking relevant thoughtful questions, Democrats used their time to slander Sessions and ridicule President elect Donald Trump.

One of the most disgusting moments was when Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) asked Sessions if he has been given an award by the Ku Klux Klan.

The question was especially ignorant considering the fact that Jeff Sessions is well known for bankrupting the Klan in Alabama.

In the early 80’s, Sessions prosecuted Henry Francis Hays, a leader of the KKK who abducted and killed Michael Donald, a black teenager. Sessions insisted on the death penalty for Hays. When he was later elected the state Attorney General, Sessions followed through and made sure Henry Hays was executed. The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in Alabama.

Chris Galanos, the former Mobile district attorney on the case said,

“securing Henry Hays’s conviction was a long, involved process, and the resources Sessions provided helped break the case wide open.”

Knowing all of the details of Session’s history against racism, Senator Richard Blumenthal still didn’t hesitate to ask Sessions if he has ever been given an award by the Klan.

After the question was asked, you can hear the courtroom audience gasp, but Sessions didn’t skip a beat. Jeff Sessions simply said,



Good for you Senator Sessions! I have no doubt that you will be the best Attorney General this country has ever had!

See the video below…

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