Only one secret in foods can literally save you from everything?

The cause of many serious illnesses is malignancy of oxygen. Yes, just the same thing that gives us life can also contribute to lose it. A truly unusual finding – that our cells are constantly besieged by toxic forms of oxygen that can have a quite destructive power. Constant explosions of oxygen reactions can contribute to clog our arteries and our cells, and eventually to result in sore joints, disturbed nervous system and finally a cancer. In fact, this theory of oxygen has given a new perspective for the scientists, so they started looking at the development of the disease and its prevention. So far we have linked destructive oxygen reactions with at least 60 different chronic diseases as well as aging itself.


The key questions are:

  • Why do some people fail more quickly, and why some are more resistant to the destructive action of oxygen?;
  • Why do some people get older faster than the others?
  • And finally, how to slow down this destructive process? ;

Oxygen theory of disease is not very subtle. Two of the worst of the fighting in our bodies: rogue oxygen molecules, called oxidants, and police forces organism called antioxidants. Although some oxidants may be useful (routinely produce normal metabolic processes), many are harmful and aggressive. Imagine the destructive oxidants as a gang of molecules, speeding your body attacking the cells, tearing them membrane, corrupting their genetic material, forcing the fat to rancid and leave the cell to die. This process is so gradual and not noticeable and lasts for years of unceasing waves of destruction, that we are not aware of, until the moment of noticing the symptoms of the disease, including inflammation, worsening of vision, chest pain, poor concentration and cancer.

On the other hand, various antioxidants in your body are fighting to protect the cells in a way that they reject the destructive oxygen molecules. Basically, when the “bad guys” oxidants become more numerous and overcome the “good guys” antioxidants, your body enters the so-called zone “oxidative stress”, which means you are exposed to a high risk of getting the disease.

Which has the most antioxidants?

When choosing fruits and vegetables, take that darker; usually darker color means a greater amount of antioxidants. Likewise, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables have more antioxidants than that of canned, processed or thermally processed. Generally speaking, the following fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of antioxidants:

  • black grapes, rather than green or white
  • red and yellow onions instead of the white color
  • cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli raw or cooked briefly
  • garlic raw and squashed
  • fresh or frozen vegetables rather than canned
  • vegetables prepared in a microwave oven instead of boiled in water or steamed
  • pure, cold pressed olive oil
  • leafy vegetables, dark green color
  • pink grapefruit in place of white
  • the whole fruit instead of juice
  • fresh and frozen instead of canned juice
  • dark orange carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin.

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