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99% Of Americans Didn’t See The SECRET Thing Trump Did When He Announced His Supreme Court Pick!

Democrats confirmed Judge Gorsuch by unanimous vote in 2006. Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the senate in 2006. Here are the Democrats that voted for him.

*** Hold up! You see what Trump did to the Democrats today right?

He has totally made the Democrats pledge to block anyone that he put up. So he put up someone that they cannot disagree with!

Here are the Democrats that voted for Judge Gorsuch in 2006:

Barack Obama
Joe Biden
John Kerry
Hillary Clinton
Chuck Schumer
Patrick Leahy
Dianne Feinstein
Patty Murray, Ron Wyden
Richard Durbin
Jack Reed
Bill Nelson
Tom Carper
Debbie Stabenow
Maria Cantwell, and
Bob Menendez

Every single one of these Senators confirmed Neil Gorsuch in 2006. They are going to look like such hypocrites this time around when they refuse to confirm him.

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Andrew Mullins @AndrewWMullins

Every single one of these Senators voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch in 2006.




Sen. James Lankford


NOTEWORTHY: #NeilGorsuch unanimously passed the Senate by voice-vote in 2006, w/ support from Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Schumer & Obama



Trump just put the nail in the Democratic party! They are going to try and stall his decision and they are gonna slow down the government even more. This is why we hate career politicians.

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Thanks for reading, patriots.

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