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TRUMP’S GOING NUCLEAR! The Democrats are DONE FOR After He Drops THIS Bombshell!

Donald Trump has just issued invoked the nuclear option on the Supreme Court of the United States!

He told a room full of conservatives that he is ready to pull the trigger if Democrats refuse his nominee.

“If we end up with that gridlock I would say, “If you can, Mitch, go nuclear,” because that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was put up to that neglect.”

The nuclear option Trump is referring to is a tactic devised by the Democrats back in 2013 that would allow the Senate to change the rules of nomination from 60/100 to a simple majority. Republicans currently hold 52 seats.

Of course, this option is NOT ideal. When the Democrats tried this before Republicans fought back hard to stop the tactic. It would be a shame to have to use it ourselves now.

At the end of the day, however, we cannot afford to wait another 4-8 years before we get ANY Supreme Court Justices appointed. That’s just nuts. If you think the Democrats should just do their job and confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch then share this everywhere!!

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