A SHOCKING Picture Was Just Found in Senator Jeff Sessions Desk! It’s Going VIRAL and For Good Reason!

Elizabeth Warren was banned from speaking last night over her repeated attacks against Senator Jeff Sessions. Warren was reading a 30 year old quote by Coretta Scott King in an attempt to make Sessions look like a racist.

King criticized Sessions over a case he prosecuted against 3 African-Americans who committed voter fraud. What Warren left out is that Jeff Sessions only prosecuted that case because of complaints made by African-American local officials.

Facts don’t seem to matter when it comes to Democrats, they will do whatever possible to paint Jeff Sessions as a racist. So in response to those attacks, a picture is now going viral on Facebook PROVING that Democrats are lying when it comes to Senator Jeff Sessions.


In 2009, the NAACP awarded Sessions their “Governmental Award of Excellence.” The award was discovered when an aide was cleaning out the Alabama senator’s Mobile, Alabama, office in preparation for his move to the Justice Department.

Looks like Democrats are going to have to throw the race card elsewhere. Senator Jeff Sessions bankrupted the KKK in Alabama, led the fight against segregation in schools and now we know was even awarded the Governmental Award of Excellence by the NAACP themselves!

Does that sound like a racist to you?

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