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Joy Behar Tries To Get Reba McEntire To Attack Trump Her Response Stunned Everyone

Reba has something to say about all the liberals who spill hate everywhere across the country. Now her message will get to the ears of all the ignorant liberals who hate the President.
The View is now only hateful show that is sinking without a trace! That show went in the toilet when Barbara Walters left! It is now a trashy show that needs to be canceled. Joy Behar is a loud mouth with no talent

She has attacked Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign but this time host Joy Behar took things a step further!

Reba is a class lady. Joy ( who should be in Canada, but they would require her to do something useful ) has zero ideas of what a lady is.

Behar brought up the fact that rapper Drake recently launched into an anti-Trump rant during a concert, screaming “f*ck that man!” Behar was clearly looking for Reba to say that she would also insult Trump during one of her concerts, but the country music star refused to take the bait.

“If you ever went on a political rant in the middle of your act, what would happen?” Behar asked.

My fans would be shocked,” Reba fired back. “I take it this way: they have paid their hard-earned money to come in there and fill a seat — parking, getting something at the concession stand, go and eat before the concert.”

“I am there to entertain them, to take their worries away from them, so when they walk out, they can kind of have a little lift in their step and go, ‘Aw, that was such a great break from all the problems I have to deal with during daily life.’ So I’m not going to give them my political views,” she added.(video below)

You really thought you were going to get Reba to support your irresponsible behavior? You don’t understand the concept of a warm-hearted lady and a true patriot!
Joy Behar is everything that she accuses Trump of being….it is so funny she can’t see it.

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