CHECKMATE! Trump Just Proved That It Was Actually Obama Working With Putin During The Election!

Hell yeah! President Trump just let Obama dig his own grave!

He was hoping that Obama would simply retire, like a real president, and let the person elected by the American people be President, but Obama was not so kind.

Now, after all the BS Russia accusations, he has finally pulled out another Trump card that is sure to ruin the Democrats’ lies of “scandal free” Obama…

Today, Trump reminded the world that in 2012, Obama made a secret pledge to Vladimir Putin to go easy on Russia AFTER he used them to win the election against Mitt Romney. SICKO!!


And in case there are any liberal deniers out there saying “Obama would never do that,” here is the video:

Gonna be really hard to deny that one. And if Obama was willing to make secret, under the table deals with Russia back then, what would stop him from doing the same thing to sabotage Trump in 2016?!

I’ll tell you what: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

If you think the world needs to be reminded of exactly the kind of President Obama really was, then help us out and Share this everywhere. Trump needs us now more than ever if we have any hope to save our great country!!

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