HERE IT IS! Trump Has A HUGE Surprise For 2020 That Will Make America Cheer!

I’m not sure what Liberals hate more, the fact that Donald Trump beat them at their own game or the fact that he is STILL outsmarting them! Well, 2020 looks like it’s gonna be another great year for the Donald…

Not only is Trump planning on running for a second term, but he actually ALREADY FILED WITH THE FEC!

That’s right. This means that President Trump is planning on going for the FULL 8 years! I bet every liberal in the country reading this right now is peeing their britches.

He apparently decided to get the filing done early, submitting the necessary paperwork on January 20, 2017 just because he is so darn prepared.

Now, while this letter specifically says it does NOT constitute a “formal” announcement of his candidacy, it DOES allow him to start fundraising early since he knows that if 2016 was a battle, 2020 will be an ALL-OUT WAR!

I for one am excited to say I stand behind President Trump and his decision to file 100%. He has already done so much good for our country and I’m sure it is only just the beginning.

If you are excited to, then help SHARE this amazing news out all over the Trump Train and let everyone know that Donald John Trump is ready for ROUND 2!!

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