Right After Fox News Execs Drop “Fair And Balanced” Slogan, Bret Baier Completely Humiliates Them

It’s becoming very apparent that James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch and CEO of 21st Century Fox, is planning to change Fox News to better suit his own personal preferences. He has already been making major changes at the network, from firing Roger Ailes to letting go of Bill O’Reilly.

Recently, when Murdoch announced plans to change the network’s long-standing slog, host Bret Baier pushed back. Fox News has been using the “Fair and Balanced” slogan since 1996, but have just announced plans to phase it out. They will also be getting rid of the tagline, “Most Watched. Most Trusted.”

“There’s a real difference between the news reporting and news gathering and the opinion shows—the sort of talk shows that occupy prime time. They are certainly provocative…but they are opinion shows, and they’re labeled that way,” Murdoch said recently.

When asked about the proposed change recently, Baier insisted he will continue on using “Fair and Balanced.”

“My show will still end with ‘Fair-Balanced, and Unafraid.’ As it has since the day I took over 8 ½ years ago. Not changing my tag line,” he tweeted.

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