Liberals in Chicago, Illinois have worked hard to put some of the strictest gun control laws in the country in place there. However, these laws have done nothing to lower the staggering gun crime rate there.

The ineffectiveness of these gun control laws was just proven once again, as ten people have been shot in Chicago since Friday night.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that one person was killed and nine were injured in shootings since last night. The fatal shooting occurred at around 10:15pm in the South Side, where Brendon Frazier was found dead with gunshot wounds to the buttocks and side of his body.

The latest nonfatal shooting to be reported occurred at 5:45am, when a gunman attempted to steal a 32-year-old man’s car, and then shot him in the groin and abdomen. The victim has been hospitalized in critical condition.

Three people were shot just before midnight on Interstate 55 on the South Side, marking the second triple shooting on a Chicago expressway. Five people were in a car on I-55 near the I-94 interchange when shots rang out, hitting one person in the abdomen and leg, and another in the hand. The third victim was grazed in the neck by a bullet.

This is just a small taste of the rampant gun violence that plagues Chicago every day. Clearly, stricter gun laws are NOT the answer to lowering gun crime rates!

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