You’ll Be LIVID When You See What the Obama Family Is Doing This Weekend

There’s nothing the Obama family loved more about their time in the White House than taking expensive vacations all over the globe. Now that they’re out of the White House, they’ve set about using Barack’s taxpayer-funded pension to take more trips on our dime.

AOL reported that the Obamas are heading to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend for a vacation. The family vacationed on the ritzy island seven of the eight years they were in the White House.

Ann Crook, the general manager of the airport in Martha’s Vineyard, confirmed that they were coming this weekend but she did not say when.

“It’s a little more than your run of the mill celebrity, but not much,” Crook said of restrictions on airspace due to the visit.

While in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama will be free to spend the six figure annual pension he receives from taxpayers on whatever expenses he pleases. Anything else will be covered by the six figure salaries both he and Michelle are given for each speech they give.

This comes after it was reported that a former Obama staffer had come forward to reveal Michelle has a lust for power like nobody else. The aide said that it was actually Michelle who ran the show in the Obama White House despite the fact that she did not hold an elected position.

“But the true person in charge of the White House was the first lady Michelle Obama,” said former Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco. “She’s the boss.”

She went on to talk about how bitter Michelle could be, and explained that she could really hold a grudge.

“If he was mad at you for any reason, you’d be, like, ‘OK.’ If she was mad at you . . . if you thought for some reason she might be, you were, like, ‘I’m in so much trouble,’ Mastromonaco recounted.

It’s sickening that the Obamas still get to take lavish vacations with our tax dollars!

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