SECONDS AFTER Arriving In Texas, Jaws Dropped When People Saw What Melania Had On Her Feet

Melania Trump came to help out in Texas and the media won’t say a thing about it, but first… take a look at what Reporters did before Trump left this morning. Trump was seen heading out to Flood damaged Texas this morning and journalists decided that it was a good idea to ask him about North Korea.

He responded with the following two words: “we’ll see.”

President Trump is now describing Harvey as a storm of “epic proportion.” Trump then arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas at the beginning of the first leg of his tour of the state to see the damage and the recovery efforts.

He was joined at a fire station by first lady Melania Trump after landing in Corpus Christi. The first lady stood beside the President as Gov. Greg Abbott briefed Trump today on the efforts to contain Harvey before and after it reached land.

He says that he wants to handle it “better than ever before.”

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