Donald Trump Makes Brutal Realization, Tells White House Aide, “People Really F*cking Hate Me”

According to Axios, Donald Trump has finally come to the realization that he is terribly disliked, reportedly telling a White House aide that, “people really f*ucking hate me.”

This revelation follows Trump’s new working friendship with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, which opened Trump’s eyes to one solution: Stop doing things that people hate, and start striking deals.

What’s surprising is that it took Trump almost EIGHT MONTHS to figure this out.

After all, his inauguration was not heavily attended, and the rallies against his presidency the day following his inauguration had bigger crowds.

Some insiders forecast that Trump is headed for a definitive break with Republican leadership, seeking to forge a new political identity after a divisive first stretch in office. Others suggest the deal could be a one-off and that the president will return soon enough to mocking Democrats and catering to his base.

Others see Trump’s actions as more evidence that the president is not a conservative in a conventional sense. Rather, he zigs and zags depending on his own whims, and his assessment of how he can turn a situation to his advantage.

“He is a guy whose success in politics has come from defying convention and protocol,” said Democratic strategist Tad Devine, who worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign. “I think he wants to get back to using the power of the presidency to his advantage, and it doesn’t matter to him if it’s to the Republican Party’s advantage or not.

“He’s not in it for the party,” Devine added. “He’s in it for himself.”

What do you think, is Donald Trump a changed man, or is he just in it for himself??

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