Whoopi Just Claimed “We Will Never Know” Why Hillary Didn’t Win The Election

Despite the fact that the most recent presidential election occurred nearly a year ago, the liberal hosts at ABC’s political talk show The View are still discussing the election’s outcome as though it was a brand new piece of news that they haven’t been able to process yet.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the rest engaged in yet another completely pointless discussion rehashing Election Day 2016, with Whoopi making the claim that “we will never know” why Hillary Clinton lost.

Goldberg began by rambling incoherently, “But let’s be realistic. Do you really think she was going to win? Based on everything that the Democrats did when they let Obama — left him out there floating and the flotsam and jetsam and all this stuff that Fox News did and all those folks.”

Shortly thereafter, Behar chimed in about Hillary, saying incorrectly, “But she did win. She did win!” The sympathetic studio audience clapped at this. Conservative Jedediah Bila poured the cold water of reality over the proceedings, reminding them, She didn’t win though because the electoral college is what determines—”

Whoopi, of course, cut her off completely and said, “I believe that was not going to happen. The truth of the matter is, if this election happened in any other country the way it happened here, we would have sent people to go and check. To see what was going on.” Joy agreed with her, and an emboldened Whoopi continued, “We will never know. We’ll never know. We’ll never know.” Do you think the liberals on The View need to finally get over the fact that Hillary lost? Watch below:



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