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BREAKING – Obama Admin Caught Hacking Election Results Office, TIME FOR PRISON!

After Donald Trump won the election, the Democrats have claimed that the election machines were hacked. However, based on new information, their investigation into hacking should be directed at the White House. This Thursday the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp issued a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson asking for an explanation as to why the DHS “tried to breach his office’s firewall,” as per Cyber Scoop. It looks like it’s time to send some Obama employees to jail!

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Recount Just BACKFIRED! Check Out Michigan’s New Voting Law That Is Driving Liberals CRAZY…

Hahahaha! Man, the Democrats and Jill Stein really f-ed themselves up BAD this time. They TRIED to steal the election with a bogus recount, but now Michigan is so mad they just passed a law that will make Democrats never win again!! That’s right, there is currently a well-favored law moving quickly through Michigan right now that will require voters to use photo-ID’s from this point forward. (H/T – Detroit News) TRUMP IS LOVING THIS!! Thank God more people are finally coming to their senses and protecting the votes of American…

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