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WOW! #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Who Blocked A Virginia Highway Sentenced To JAIL TIME

Blocking highways is one of the preferred forms of protest by members of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s also incredibly dangerous and stupid. It certainly doesn’t endear anyone to their cause, it just makes people angry. Some of them did this on a highway in Virginia over the summer and were arrested. Now they’ve been sentenced to jail time. It’s not long but it’s something. The Daily Caller reports: BLM Protesters Who Blocked Highway Get Jail Time Activists associated with the Black Lives Matter movement will see the inside…

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Watch-Judge Napolitano Enough Evidence To Prosecute Clinton For Espionage

In a new video report at Fox News, former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano predicts that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will “very soon” recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for espionage based on her alleged reckless handling of US government secrets while she was Secretary of State. That indictment recommendation, Napolitano explains, will bring the matter into the “political sphere” in which President Barack Obama will have the power either to allow or prevent a prosecution.

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